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This is Penny our little springer who passed away in June 2007 at Liverpool University Hospital for small animals.  We had only found out a few weeks before that she had chronic heart failure needless to say Marie (my wife) and I did everything possible to safe her life. she needed a special valve fitting in her heart but because she was 7 and her heart was so fragile she needed specialist keyhole surgery ground breaking in dogs. This was done and was successful unfortunately years of heart failure and strain on her other organs meant she was under severe strain her kidneys in particular after the operation, which was 5 hours long and she decided that enough was enough and went to sleep.

Needless to say we are devastated knowing that we came so close to saving her, we are just about coming to terms with it but it is strange not having her around. Penny had been born with this heart condition which could have been rectified as a puppy, we only had Penny 2 and half years when we got her from a rescue centre but we will always remember her. This picture of Penny was taken on the last day of our holiday in the conway valley north wales the cardioligists we went to see in Yorkshire increased Penny’s medicine so we could have a week away together just incase all didn’t go well in hospital we had a wonderful time and many happy memories