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About Us

Puppies ‘R’ Us

Puppies ‘R’ Us is a family run service, operated by brother and sister Ricky and Gaye Holmes.

Ricky Holmes, who lived in Bermuda for 23 years, is currently based in the UK, and he personally locates and selects the puppy or kitten according to your specifications. Gaye has bred dog’s in Bermuda for the past 38 years and will be glad to help you narrow down your selection criteria, based on your preferences, requirements and home situation. Gaye is able to advise you about the traits and personalities of different breeds and advise you on the implications of raising your new pet in Bermuda’s environment.

Once the requirements have been determined. Ricky will locate a quality, home bred litter of puppies or kittens that fits the bill. He then takes photographs and e-mails them to Bermuda for you to view. All relevant Health checks on the sire (father) and dam (mother) are verified before making the pet available for sale. Once you have made a decision and chosen your new pet, the following procedures are followed:

A deposit is placed on the puppy and once the pup/kitten is of age to leave the breeder, Ricky will collect him (or her) and take formal possession from the breeder. We then have the animal independently vetted by our Vet (not the Breeders), to ensure that the first shots are given, the pet is front lined (flea treatment) and micro chipped.
At this point the mandatory Health Certificate is produced and faxed to Bermuda’s department of Agriculture & Fisheries for the Import Permit. This Import Permit will then be faxed back to our Vet in the UK and its number will be added to the Health Certificate which then travels with the Puppy to Bermuda.

We then then book the airline flight to Bermuda and purchase the approved container for the particular breed and size of the pet.  Ricky personally escorts the crated pet to Gatwick Airport and  handles all the paperwork at that end. He then says goodbye to the travelling pet at the Gatwick Kennels on their way to their new home in Bermuda. Upon arrival in Bermuda, your new puppy or kitten is met by Gaye at Bermuda International Airport.  She deals with all customs clearance, documentation and pays the airport fees.

Various factors affect the actual delivery date such as, space available age, size and breed specific regulations. We will advise you as soon as we are told of the travelling date.

We will also call you on the day of arrival after 2:30pm to let you know what time to be at the freight shed to collect your new pet, or we would be glad to arrange home delivery if you prefer.